Kovo-Uličný is the engineering company with a long tradition. We have been operating on the market since 2001. The main activity of our company is focused on custom and prototype production of metal and non-metallic parts. Our parts are manufactured in accordance with submitted drawing documentation and with 3D models using CAD/CAM softwares. We manufacture parts using CNC machines by Akira Seiki and Masturn.

Our company is also focused on grinding of parts and tools, production of grooves and gears.

The aim of our company is above all accuracy, quality, and delivery of parts according to customer´s requirements on time.

We realize following engineering operations:

  • CNC milling
  • CNC turning
  • Drilling
  • Production metalic and non-metalic parts
  • Shafts and holes grinding
  • Flat grinding
  •  Tool grinding
  •  CAD/CAM
  •  Slotting gears
  • Slotting grooves
  • Construction of machines
  • Production of dedicated machines

EU grant

Name of project:  Development of production in the company Kovo-Uličný
Name of programme: Operating programme Business and inovation for rival ability
Subject of project: Purchase of free new technologies for better quality and accuracy
Place of realization: A.Dvořáka 452. 76824 Hulín
Term of realization: 18.1.2016-30.6.2017

eu grant

We have been ewarded by certification "Verified company"

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Quick contact

A. Dvořáka 452, Hulín
tel.: 573 351 324
e-mail: ulicny@kovo-ulicny.cz